Testimonial by Andy Townsend - Nov 2015

We originally had a first floor extension built in 2005 (not by Stuart), and now wanted a bedroom with en-suite adding on the first floor. The original builder couldn’t do the new work for us, so we were left with trying to find a new builder…

Stuart was recommended to us by a joiner friend who has worked with him from time to time, and right from the first time we spoke to Stuart about him supplying a quote, we felt comfortable and confident in working with him.

Stuart sent us a fully itemised quote, which included allowances for a couple of potential items that could arise from adding to the previous extension, but could not be seen until work started In the end, there were no issues with these points, so we weren’t charged for those line items.

As the building work progressed, we were kept up to date with what was happening next, and if any of his team might be starting a bit later than usual on a given day, eg. they had to call at the builders merchant on the way. Communication from Stuart and his team was excellent all the way through the build. Smaller things such as a message to explain why the joiner hadn’t cleaned up fully at the end of the day – to prevent any dust from spoiling the silicone sealer that the plumber had just applied in the en-suite, make all the difference.